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Web Designing

Web designing is a quickly flourishing field and as a result it is attracting many young professionals towards it. We provide specialized courses in the field of Web and Graphic designing like Photoshop Training, Corel DRAW Training, Illustrator Training, in design Training, HTML CSS Training, Flash Training, 2D and 3D Animation Training, Industrial Training and other short term courses. We cover each and every topic that can make you efficient in work delivery and business analysis. Once you visit our site you would feel like a part of a complete digital design world.

We have command to satisfy you with complete 100 % professional training with latest techniques like div based web designing, advance CSS (Cascading Styling Sheet) techniques. Photoshop and Flash are some of the designing tools that we have in hand and we make use of perfect images and design banners for initiating a pleasing Web layout.

You will get the best score over languages which includes HTML Training, Flash Training, advance tags in HTML, basic tags and uses,php and 3D. You will get the perfect web hosting experience also. The most important thing is that you will get the ideal training environment here. We train and make a student confident in making the layouts, layers, CSS and tables. With all your efforts and hard work we help you become an excellent web designer. With the apt CSS styling and box modeling you can have the most advanced CSS based layouts.

Through us you can have the best web designing live project training as well as successful Web oriented life. We also provide hundred percent job placements. To know more knowledge you can visit at our web designing training centre which would speak of our strength.

Introduction to Internet & websites
  • »Domain Names & DNS
  • »Client and server Software
  • »Difference between Static & Dynamic website
  • »Careers in Web Technologies
Basics of HTML Tags
  • »Introduction to Basic HTML Tags
  • »Introduction to Doc Types
  • »Structure of HTML
  • »DHTML Basic tags
  • »Difference between HTML & DHTML
  • »Creating Simple HTML Pages
Adobe Dreamweaver
  • »Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
  • »Learning the interface
  • »Defining a Dreamweaver site
  • »Adding Content and Multimedia
  • »Creating user submission forms
  • »Inporting a website design
  • »Dynamic Feature
Advanced HTML
  • »HTML Layout
  • »HTML Head
  • »HTML Meta
  • »HTML Scripts
  • »HTML Entities
  • »HTML URLs
  • »HTML URL Encode
  • »HTML Web Server
Cascading Style Sheets
  • »Introduction to CSS
  • »Types of style sheets
  • »Types of CSS Selectors
  • »Complete CSS properties
  • »Converting Table layout to CSS
  • »Custom CSS Layout Design
  • »Creating simple and dropdown menus
  • »Creating Appealing forms using CSS
  • »CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks
Java Script
  • »Client and Server side Scripting
  • »Introduction to JavaScript
  • »Types of JavaScript
  • »Variables, operators, loops
  • »Objects, Events and DOM
  • »Common java script functions
  • »Using JavaScript in Dreamweaver
  • »JavaScript Validations
  • »Implementing Menus, Galleries etc
  • »Introduction to Ajax
  • »Realtime Ajax Example
  • »Live Project by Implementing all the tools and technology mentioned above.