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Web Development

Web development is a term used for the work implicated in developing a web site for the Internet. This includes coding, client-side/server-side scripting, client liaison, e-commerce, web server and network security configuration. This is a Three months Course designed for fulfilling the demand of web developers for the industry, as India is a hub for outsourcing designing and development work from all over the world. Currently there are more than 20000 IT companies working on web applications. Every website has demand of database and dynamic functioning. This Course accomplishes the requirements. If you are interested in web technologies, then our excellent teaching methods and approach will create an excellent web developer in you. The only Pre-requisite to join the course is that a candidate should have a good knowhow of website designing using HTML and CSS.

Introducing PHP
  • » What is PHP?
  • » Why use PHP?
  • » The Evolution of PHP
  • » What’s New in PHP 5.3
  • » Namespaces
  • » Operators
PHP Language Basics
  • » Using Variables in PHP
  • » Naming Variables
  • » Creating Variables
  • » Understanding Data Types
  • » About Loose Typing
  • » Testing the Type of a Variable
  • » Changing a Variable’s Data Type
  • » Changing Type by Casting
  • » Operators and Expressions
  • » Operator Types
  • » Decisions and Loops
  • » Strings
  • » Arrays
  • » Functions
Introducing Databases and SQL
  • » Basic Database concept
  • » Fundamentals of SQL
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • » Advantages of OOP
  • » Basic OOP Concepts
  • »Live Project